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Attorney John Tolley of JT Law Firm secured a Six Figure Plaintiff’s jury Verdict in Broward County, Florida.

Attorney John Tolley of JT Law Firm secured a $150,693.86 Jury Verdict in Broward County, Florida on September 17, 2021. Mr. Tolley was representing two clients on the matters, the homeowner and the owner of the emergency water mitigation company. The jury returned a verdict in favor of both clients.

The verdict concluded a more than a 4-year long journey through highly contested litigation. The Defendant is a large insurance provider known for denying and underpaying homeowner’s insurance claims and aggressive litigation tactics.

On June 6 , 2017 the homeowner’s child noticed water leaking into one of the rooms in their house. Then multiple rooms started springing leaks. Unable to contain it on his own the homeowner called an emergency remediation company. They came out immediately and performed services to dry up the water and protect the house from further damage.

The insurance company refused to pay for any roof damage and only paid the homeowner just over $4,000 for interior damages. To make matters worse the insurance company included in that payment for the holes the remediation company made but refused to pay the mitigation company a penny for their services.

Even more insulting they tried to accuse the homeowner who is a volunteer firefighter and owner of a nonprofit company that provides underprivileged kids sports equipment so they can play sports of fraud! The homeowner had another claim a decade ago and didn’t keep his receipts. Because of this, he couldn’t directly prove he replaced the cabinets in the prior claim. Even though both the homeowner and the estimator consistently stated the cabinets were not being claimed in this case as being directly damaged.

The jury was able to see past the insurance company’s (as Attorney John Tolley argued) “excuses” and find for the homeowners!

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