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Tile roofs are stronger than shingle roofs – they’re also highly desired because they add more curve appeal to a home than other types of roofs.

As strong and durable as a tile roof, powerful storms can spawn tornadoes, create string winds, and cause debris to fly into the tiles, thus damaging them. When your tile roof is damaged, repairs and replacements can be costly.

However, because of their appeal and durability, tile roofs tend to be a popular option for many homeowners – especially in Florida.

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Tile Roof Claims Lawyers

Tile roof damage claims are often difficult.  

Replacing or repairing a tile roof is far more expensive than replacing a shingle roof. This expense can be a considerable burden for a homeowner to incur suddenly.

If you have a homeowners policy in good standing, then odds are you may be entitled to compensation for your tile roof damage. How much can vary depending on the severity of the damage and your individual policy. Our tile roof claim team can inspect your policy, review the damage, and inform you whether you have a strong case or not during a free consultation. 

After your tile roof is damaged, time is not on your side. Speak with a tile roof damage claim lawyer as soon as possible to increase your chances of receiving a high payout. 

How can you tell if your tile roof has been damaged? 

Look for the following signs of damage in your tile roof. Inspecting your roof after a storm passes is a great way to find minor damage before it spreads and worsens. 

• Uplifting – the pulling action a tile takes when strong winds force them up or out of place can cause nails or screws to loosen or completely fall out. This causes the tiles to shift out of place or even fall back “into place” loosely. When this happens, it makes it easy for water to travel through the roof. 

• Broken or cracked tiles – strong winds can cause debris to fly and collide with the tiles on your roof. As a result, roof tiles can be damaged.

• Missing tiles – A strong storm, whether it’s a thunderstorm, hurricane, or tornado, all have the potential to cause intense winds which can dislodge tiles or cause them to fly off your roof.  

What is the matching rule for roofs? 

Florida’s matching statute states if an insured customer’s roof is damaged, then the materials used to repair or replace the damaged sections must reasonably match the rest of the roof; otherwise, the customer may be entitled to a full roof replacement. 

What is the 25% replacement rule? 

Section 708.1.1 of the Florida Building Code states that no more than 25% of the total roof area of a structure can be repaired or replaced in any 12-month period. After a storm, if more than 25% of your roof is damaged and needs to be repaired or replaced, then you may be entitled to a full roof replacement. 

If your tile roof was damaged and you are seeking compensation, JT Law Firm can help you. Our team is on your side and aggressively fights the insurance company on your behalf.