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HOA Insurance Claim Lawyers

JT Law Firm represents Condominium and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) and individual condo unit owners involved in insurance-related disputes.

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Condominium and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) Insurance Disputes 

HOAs facing legal disputes need to work with a team of attorneys with the knowledge, processes, and resources needed to see their case through to the end. Not every law firm is equipped to handle the complex legal environment surrounding cases involving a Homeowners Association (HOA). JT Law Firm has the ability to help guide you through your legal situation and help keep your goals top of mind the entire time. 

If you are an HOA and you find yourself in need of hiring an attorney, JT Law Firm will firmly stand behind you to create formidable legal strategies that keep your goals in sight. 

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Condo Owner Insurance Disputes 

If you are a condo owner and you find yourself with an insurance-related claim, JT Law Firm can help. Whether you find yourself with a new, delayed, or even a denied claim – our team or attorneys will fight on your behalf to help deliver the compensation you are owed. 

There are usually at least two policies in play at any time when dealing with a damage claim involving a condo. 

  1. The insurance policy the individual condo owner has
  2. The insurance policy managed by the condo association 

Each insurance policy covers different elements of the “condo unit” and “the building .”For example, the individual condo owner’s policy will typically cover just the unit itself and what is considered under the homeowner’s responsibility as well as the contents of the condo unit. While the condo association’s insurance coverage will extend to include the building’s “common elements” – including the roof, structural elements, common areas, and drywall. 

As a condo owner, you face a battle that may pin you against the condo association and your insurance company. If you are a condo owner and you find yourself in a legal dispute involving a property damage claim, contact JT Law Firm.

Condominium Association insurance claims are complex legal matters that require experienced attorneys with a deep understanding of the law to strategize and build up your case. 

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