Letter of Protection Enforcement

Letter of Protection Enforcement

What happens if your patient’s lawyer fails to compensate you for medical services you render to their client if you have an LOP in place?

We help doctors get paid when their patient’s attorney fails to honor an LOP.

A letter of protection helps medical providers receive compensation for medical services they perform to a patient involved in a personal injury lawsuit. The medical professional is paid once the patient’s attorney collects a settlement. 

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But what options do medical professionals have if their patient’s attorney fails or refuses to pay them after a settlement is collected? 

When a lawyer fails to abide by a letter of protection, they risk a claim being opened against them by the medical professional who rendered services to their client and by their own client as well. 

If you are a medical professional and you have a letter of protection in place, and you have not been paid for your services, we can take legal action to help you receive the compensation you are entitled to. 

What is a letter of protection? Read all about LOPs here! 

I am a doctor with an LOP in place, but I still have not been paid.

This happens more often than doctors know. After a personal injury case is settled, the attorney representing your patient typically receives a settlement, and those funds are deposited into the law firm’s bank account. The law firm then gives their client a check for their part of the settlement. At this point, the law firm representing your patient needs to also issue you a payment for the medical services you provided to their client. When they fail to do so, they risk a claim being filed against them, which is where JT Law Firm comes in. 

We take legal action against attorneys who fail to comply with a letter of protection. After all, you provided a medical service, and you deserve to be paid.  


JT Law Firm gets doctors paid! 

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