Lightning Damage Claim Attorneys

“The Lightning Capital of the United States”

This is the nickname the national weather service gave Florida due to the frequency of lightning strikes the state receives.

Damage caused by a lightning strike is generally covered under many homeowners’ insurance policies; however, insurance companies are unpredictable, and whether or not they properly honor the terms of your policy will shape how your claim process will flow.

Lightning Claim Lawyers

What can you do after your property is struck by lightning and sustains damage? 

When lightning strikes a structure, it can cause significant damage, including damage to the infrastructure, electrical systems, plumbing, and even to the foundation of the property. Fire damage is also common after a lightning strike. 

After lightning strikes your home, it’s important to follow these steps to help increase your chances of receiving a proper payout from the insurance company. 

Only follow these steps after verifying your safety and the safety of those around you. 

  • Walk around your property and note any damage you see. Make sure to photograph or take a video of the damage you see. 
  • Keep a claim journal and note any information relevant to your claim in it. 
  • Contact a licensed electrician and plumber so they can professionally inspect your property to locate any damage if present. 
  • Speak with a lightning damage claim attorney.

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