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Your pipes can burst any time with no warning causing massive damage to your property. When you have a pipe burst, you need to act quickly to file your damage claim to receive the compensation you need to repair, rebuild, or replace what has been damaged.

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Pipe Burst Claim Lawyers

Our Pipe Burst Claim Lawyers can help you at any point in your claim process. 

Filing a pipe burst damage claim without an attorney by your side can result in you accepting a lowball offer from the insurance company. At the end of the day, insurance companies are for-profit entities that do what they can to maximize their profits. Claimants without an attorney representing them deal directly with the insurance company themselves. Most homeowners do not have the legal experience to enforce their policy properly. This is what the insurance companies count on. The language used in insurance policies is complicated and can be confusing to understand. An experienced property damage claim attorney will look at your policy and create a law-based strategy with the goal of getting the insurance company to honor the policy they wrote you. 

An attorney can help you collect the compensation you need to repair your damaged property. 

If you suffered a pipe burst, our legal team will provide you with the legal services you need to make the insurance company take you seriously. We can help you at any stage of your claim, including:

  • Filing your claim – at this stage, the insurance company has not received your claim. 
  • You received a denial letter – Valid claims are commonly denied. At this stage, the insurance company has reviewed your claim, and they decided to deny it. 
  • Your claim has been delayed – the insurance company has received your claim, but you have not heard back from them. 
  • You received a lowball offer from the insurance company – during this stage, the insurance company has viewed your claim, and they decided to compensate you an inadequate amount.

Take photos and videos of the damage. 

An often overlooked action homeowners miss is to document the property damage at the time the pipe burst and after. Our goal is to create a strong and enticing strategy based on the law and the evidence we have available to us. Pictures and videos documenting the damage are always critical pieces of evidence. 

Was your claim denied? Let’s dispute it. 

Valid claims deserve to be honored. After a free claim review, one of our pipe burst claim lawyers will let you know if we believe your claim should be honored. If we believe you have a case, then even if your claim was denied – we can still help.  

Speak with a pipe burst lawyer with experience handling cases like yours.  

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