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Business Interruption Claim Lawyers

Business interruption insurance – also known as BI insurance and Business Income Insurance – is geared toward helping businesses recover compensation from financial losses when a covered event occurs.

The compensation received can be used for a variety of bills, including fixed expenses, costs associated with the covered event, and more.

Don’t let the insurance company add to your operational delays. 

A business interruption claim implies an outside force interrupted your business operations. This means your reputation may be on the line, your profits are at stake, and your business is not performing at optimum levels. A situation like this can severely damage any business. Recovering compensation from your insurance company should be a simple process, but legal matters such as a business interruption claim are not simple. 

Only 30-40% of small business owners have business interruption insurance.

When businesses experience an interruption in their operations, it can place the company in an unfavorable position where the very existence of the business is at stake. We saw this happen during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.

During the pandemic, we all witnessed local businesses close their doors. This is because their businesses faced government shutdowns, which is usually a covered event under most BI insurance policies. Thus, many of these business owners with valid policies should have received compensation for the financial losses they were incurring. Still, we saw many policies get denied, delayed, and underpaid.

Avoid going through an extensive legal process without a legal team in place. 

If your business interruption insurance company is giving you a hard time with your claim, we may be able to help.