Flood damage insurance claim attorneys

A flood damage claims attorney with the experience you need. 

If a flood damaged your home or business and you have a valid flood insurance policy in place, then our dedicated team of property damage claim attorneys can help you.

Water Damage Claims Lawyers

Is it water damage or flood damage?

These are two commonly misused terms by homeowners and business owners. Flood damage and water damage are two completely different things. 

Attorney John Tolley Explains it best here… Watch the following short video. 

Not every homeowner’s insurance policy is built the same, so not every policy will include flood damage. Most homeowners insurance policies do include some sort of coverage for water damage, but if you want coverage in the event of a flood, odds are you need to have a flood insurance policy in place. If you’re unsure whether you have flood damage coverage, send us your policy, and we’ll review it for you.

Trusted flood damage insurance claim lawyers near you.

After a flood occurs, whether it’s localized to your property or due to a natural disaster, our flood damage lawyers can fight to help you receive the compensation you need to restore your property to its pre-loss condition. 

JT Law Firm has helped hundreds of families recover after their homes were damaged, and we can help you too.

If you have flood damage and you have a valid flood insurance policy in place, then odds are you have a valid claim that deserves to be honored by the insurance company. If you find yourself in a battle dealing with a denial or underpayment, we can still help.

What are some common flood damage causes?

Flood damage can result suddenly and without warning, but almost every time, what is certain is that the recovery process will be expensive and lengthy.  

Here are some common flood damage causes:

  • Pipe bursts
  • Heavy rain from a storm or hurricane 
  • Coastal flooding
  • Roof leaks 
  • Overflowing body of water
  • Issues with your local drainage systems

After your property sustains flood damage, choose JT Law Firm to represent and fight for you.