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Commercial Property Damage Hurricane Ian Claims 

Commercial Hurricane Ian Claims

Thousands of Hurricane Ian commercial insurance claims are still open. These business owners just want their operations to run smoothly so they can get their lives back. 

More than 32,800 commercial claims were reported from Hurricane Ian, according to the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Out of these claims, 13,782 remain open without payment, and 8,517 were closed without payment – meaning out of 32,000+ Commercial Ian Claims, 22,299 have not received any compensation. 

“Insurance companies prefer to work the claim directly with a homeowner or business owner,” said Attorney John Tolley. Adding that homeowners and business owners are usually not trained in these types of claims, and the insurance company takes advantage of that fact. Insurance companies know they’ll have to pay you more money when a professional is involved. 

Hurrciane Ian Business Damage
Commercial Damage From Hurrciane Ian
Hurricane Ian Commercial Plaza Damage

More Hurricane Ian claims are expected to be filed in the middle to end of 2023. 

As Florida’s rainy and hurricane seasons go into full swing, the amount of Ian claims is expected to rise – especially commercial roof damage claims. Powerful and continuous rain storms can point out roof damage that’s difficult to see with the naked eye resulting in leaks, water intrusion and watermarks on the ceiling or along walls. 

If your commercial property was not professionally inspected after Hurricane Ian, then you may have damage and be unaware of it.  

Florida’s rainy season seems to be filled with an almost predictable and daily rain cycle. This rainfall can expose damage to your property and result in your business having to close its doors for repairs temporarily. You may even suffer inventory or infrastructure losses from water damage. 

Small businesses are the lifeblood of Florida – 99.8% of businesses in the state are small businesses, and they employ more than 41% of Florida’s workforce. We need our small businesses to remain open.

If your commercial property was damaged as a result of Hurricane Ian and you want help fighting the insurance company, JT Law Firm can help.

Our team of Hurricane Ian Property Damage Attorneys knows what to do to fight for you to receive the highest possible payout.  

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