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Does Texas have a tornado season? 

Texas does have a tornado season that runs from April to June each year, and the state may experience an average of 137 tornadoes per year. 

Tornadoes can actually form in Texas at any time of the year, but the start of tornado season (April to June) is when tornadoes are most likely to form – especially during the transition from Spring into Summer. When Spring transitions into Summer, there’s a collision of cool air with warm air, which can result in tornadic activity.  

On average, Texas is hit with 137 tornadoes per year! 

Does Texas have a tornado season

How are tornadoes classified? 

Tornadoes are classified into different categories based on their intensity, which is measured by the Enhanced Fujita (EF) scale. 

Weak Tornadoes: EF-0 and EF-1

  • Prevalence: These are the most common types, making up about 75% of tornadoes nationally and a whopping 93% in southeast Texas.
  • Characteristics: These tornadoes are relatively weak, with wind speeds under 100 mph. They’re short-lived, often lasting just a few minutes.
  • Impact: The damage from EF-0 and EF-1 tornadoes is generally minor, such as fallen trees or damaged power lines. They contribute to less than 5% of tornado-related deaths annually.


Strong Tornadoes: EF-2 and EF-3

  • Prevalence: Strong tornadoes comprise around 24% of all tornadoes nationwide and account for nearly 30% of tornado-related fatalities.
  • Characteristics: These tornadoes have wind speeds between 111 and 165 mph and can last for 20 minutes or more.
  • Local Significance: In southeast Texas, EF-2 and EF-3 tornadoes are less common, representing just 7% of tornadoes in the area.


Violent Tornadoes: EF-4 and EF-5

  • Prevalence: Extremely rare, making up about 1% of tornadoes nationally. These are the most devastating, accounting for around 65% of tornado deaths.
  • Characteristics: With lifespans that can exceed an hour, these tornadoes are immensely powerful and often unpredictable.
  • Local Context: In Texas, violent EF-5 tornadoes are rare, with less than 1% of tornado reports falling into this category. The Jarrell tornado impacted Texas on May 27, 1997, and is the most recent confirmed EF-5 tornado to impact the state. This tornado is responsible for 27 fatalities, at least 12 injuries, the complete destruction of more than 40 homes, and the death of hundreds of cattle. The Jarrell tornado was so incredibly powerful it even moved homes from their foundations. 

Does my homeowner’s insurance policy cover property damage from tornadoes? 

Need help understanding what is your tornado damage coverage?  Contact us today.

For homeowners residing in Texas, it’s important to understand how homeowner’s insurance applies when tornado damage is present. 

Generally, damage caused by tornadoes, including accompanying wind, hail, and rain, is covered under homeowners insurance in Texas. 

It’s important to note, however, that water damage from flooding during a tornado is not covered under standard home insurance policies. Acquiring a separate flood insurance policy would be needed.

Wind damage and insurance policies

In areas deemed high-risk for wind damage, a standard policy may exclude coverage for wind and hail damage. To bridge this gap, home and property owners may need to purchase a separate wind-only insurance policy. These policies are available through private insurers or the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA).

You likely have a windstorm deductible.  We can help you better understand what your deductible is. 

Texas homeowners should be aware of the windstorm deductible that comes into play if a tornado damages their property. This deductible is separate from the standard homeowner’s insurance deductible and specifically applies to wind and hail damage from any windstorm. 

Windstorm deductibles can be a fixed dollar amount or a percentage of the policy’s dwelling coverage limit, typically ranging from 1% to 5%. Selecting a higher deductible can lead to lower insurance premiums and vice versa.

My tornado property damage claim was denied. Can you still help me? 

JT Law Firm is committed to helping our clients navigate the complexities of insurance damage claims involving tornadoes.

We regularly help homeowners who face denials and underpayments recover the compensation they are entitled to. 

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