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Have you met Josh? Introducing our newest Partner, Joshua Brownlee!

Introducing Joshua Brownlee JT Law Firms Newest Partner

In June 2022, Joshua Brownlee was made a partner of JT Law Firm. In the courtroom Attorney Joshua Brownlee is a formidable force who has collected millions in settlements for his clients. He has earned a reputation as a fierce litigator and an excellent property defense attorney. Over the years, Attorney Joshua Brownlee has represented hundreds of clients in property insurance claim disputes. He now joins JT Law Firm as its third partner.

Property Damage Insurance Claims Attorney 

Attorney Joshua Brownlee serves his clients and protects their interests when it comes to securing adequate compensation for damage sustained on their property. Joshua’s unique experiences have allowed him to develop a highly refined process to deal with and solve property claims. 

As a Partner of JT Law Firm, Mr. Brownlee heads the First Party Property Insurance litigation team, taking the lead in depositions, hearings, mediations, and other court proceedings. Joshua and the litigation team are responsible for helping hundreds of policyholders in both commercial and residential insurance claims. On average, Mr. Brownlee and the team are able to secure an additional $50,000 above what the insurance company initially offered the policyholder as compensation for the damage to their property. 

Rare Kind of Lawyer

Josh Brownlee of JT Law Firm has tried numerous civil jury trials to verdict. He joins partners John Tolley and Monica Balyasny who have also tried several jury trials. Most people don’t realize that attorneys do not go to trial. Only very few attorneys are actually trial attorneys. Here at JT Law Firm all three partners have tried cases and as a result insurance company’s know that we are not afraid to go all the way.

Welcome Josh!

Join us in congratulating Josh Brownlee on joining JT Law Firm as the newest partner today!