Hurricane property damage claims

Hurricane Season 2024 is NOAA’s most aggressive forecast to date.

The 2024 hurricane season is here! Homeowners across the Atlantic region are bracing for what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has predicted to be the most aggressive season on record!  

Up to 25 named storms are predicted, of which 8-13 may grow into hurricanes and 4-7 potentially reaching major storm status with winds exceeding 115 mph. 

Preparation is key if you want to protect yourselves, your loved ones, and your property.

This heightened activity seems to be a result of a transition from El Niño to a more dominant La Niña, which gives way to conditions better suited for tropical system development. 

The warmer-than-normal Atlantic waters only further fuel the potential for tropical development.

Hurricane Season 2024 is NOAA's most aggressive forecast to date.

5 Proactive Measures to Take Now

There are several practical steps every homeowner should consider taking at the start of any hurricane season. 

  • Know your zone: Determine if you live in a flood or evacuation zone and plan your evacuation route early. Keepthis information accessible to all household members.  
  • Review your homeowner’s insurance policy: Understand what is covered and what isn’t, and consider additional flood insurance if you’re in a high-risk area.
  • Stock up on essentials: Ensure you have a 14-day supply of water and non-perishable food for each person in your household. Also, stock up on medications and emergency repair supplies like tarps, plywood, and a basic toolkit – this will be especially helpful if you need to perform an emergency repair. 
  • Secure your property: Take proactive steps to minimize damage by securing or removing potential projectiles around your property, installing storm shutters, and reinforcing doors and windows.
  • Take pictures and video of your roof: Most hurricane damage sustained by homes is roof damage.  By taking pictures and videos of your roof before a storm strikes you create strong evidence to submit with your claim should your home sustain any damage.

This is the first hurricane season where everyone in Florida will be affected by the new law change in 2022.

The window to file a hurricane damage claim is now one year!

For homeowners in Florida, understanding the timeline to file a hurricane damage claim is critical. Florida law used to allow hurricane damage claims to be made up to two years from the date of the hurricane. 

However, now you only have one year to file. 

Acting in a timely manner will help you collect the compensation you are owed for your valid claim. Immediate action after a hurricane will help ensure your claim is documented accurately and can help expedite the repair and claim process. 

After a hurricane strikes your home, consider getting an inspection.  This will help uncover any damage that may not be obvious. Wind uplift damage can sometimes take several months or longer to become observable without specialized equipment, but by this point, you may be dealing with a large claim.

Predictions on how intense a hurricane season will be are not always accurate, but what is 100% accurate is Florida will eventually be hit by a hurricane, and you should be as prepared as possible for that time.

Preparation is your best defense against the unpredictability of hurricane season.  By taking the right steps now, you can protect your home and your family.

From the entire team at JT Law Firm, please stay safe this season! 

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