Let my Experience work for you…

Experience is what separates JT Law Firm from the others. My name is John Tolley and I am a founding partner here at JT Law Firm.

While I have been practicing for less than 10 years, I have the experience of many seasoned 20-30 year attorneys. During my time as a District Attorney at the Office of the State Attorney of the 17th Judicial Circuit, I tried 40 jury trials and was in court almost daily. I handled a variety of cases and was ultimately promoted to the rank of a Special Unit Prosecutor handling violent felonies committed with firearms including attempted murders.

This litigation experience set me apart after leaving the office and going into civil litigation. Most civil litigation attorneys don’t try cases let alone 40. Thus, I found that when I transitioned into Insurance Defense work I had a distinct advantage over the majority of my adversaries because of my litigation experience.

After representing several AAA rated insurance companies at an insurance defense law firm I was able to combine my civil and criminal litigation experience and opened the doors here at JT Law Firm. Since then I have been representing individuals that suffered injuries or damage against insurance companies.

My passion is using my experience to put hard working people in the best position possible after paying their premiums every month only to find their claims have been denied or underpaid.

If you live in New York, New Jersey or Florida and have been injured or your property has been damaged you can reach me at 855-JT-LAWYR (855-585-2997) or Email me at

Let my experience work for you.



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