Hurricane property damage claims / Subtropical Storm Nicole

Parts of Florida are under a Hurricane Watch.

Subtropical Storm Nicole is expected to continue strengthening and possibly reach category 1 status before it strikes the east coast of Florida.

This storm formed east of the Bahamas, and its current path is expected to take it over Florida’s heavily populated east coast. 

Parts of Florida are under a hurricane watch

The time to prepare is now. 

After sustaining property damage, the insurance company places the burden of proving how the damage occurred on your shoulders. Gather evidence and prepare in the event you sustain damage. 

Review your insurance policy to ensure you have the coverage you need. 

Read your policy to make sure you know what it says about what is included and excluded. If you need to make changes, contact your insurance company quickly. Insurance companies have cutoff periods where changes can no longer be made after a named storm forms in your area. 

Take pictures and videos

Pictures of your property before a storm strikes help prove the condition of your property before the storm’s arrival. When the storm passes, take a new set of pictures or videos and compare them to the “before” images. Send this to your insurance company and/or your attorney.

Don’t forget to take pictures of your belongings. This also helps you take inventory of your valuables.  

Secure your home and gather essentials 

Ensure you secure your home to help it withstand the storm, and don’t forget to prep a go bag. Fill the bag with medicine, food, water, and important documents. Make sure the bag is handy in the event you need to grab it quickly.

Bonus tip!

Have your roof professionally inspected after it’s been exposed to strong winds. Some types of roof damage are not always easy to spot, and they can cause a major leak in a few years.

At the first sign of trouble from the insurance company, contact JT Law Firm. 

Insurance companies should do what is right and honor the policies they write, but this is not always the case. If your insurance company gives you trouble, speak with a JT Law Firm team member.  

There is no cost or fee to hire us! 

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