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Property Damage Questions Our Legal Team Answered This Week

Property Damage Questions Our Legal Team Answered This Week

Can a law firm help me file a property damage claim or do I have to file on my own and wait for the insurance company to respond first?

A property damage law firm can help you at any stage of your claim process, including preparation before filing. 

We recommend contacting us before initiating your claim to ensure you start with a strong foundation. As a policyholder in good standing, you are entitled to compensation for covered damages. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes neglect their processes, failing to honor valid claims. We fight to help deliver the highest possible payout to homeowners. 

Does my homeowners insurance cover roof damage from a thunderstorm?

Generally, homeowners insurance does cover storm-related roof damage.

Roof damage is common after a powerful storm and might include visible issues like leaks or less noticable ones requiring professional inspection like wind uplift damage. Strong winds can remove shingles or damage tiles and, in severe scenarios, can lead to structural damage.

How do I know if I have a valid damage claim?

To determine if your property damage claim is valid, consider the following:

  • Nature of Damage:  What caused your damage? Was it accidental, environmental, or due to a weather event? The nature of the damage will determine its validity. 
  • Coverage by Your Policy: Determining if the damage you sustained is covered under your current policy is a crucial first step. A policy review from an attorney can help determine if you have a valid claim or not. 
  • Timeliness of Your Claim: It’s crucial to report the damage within the timeframe stated by your insurance company.

An attorney can help review these factors during a free claim consultation to assess the validity of your claim.

What is my damage claim worth?

The potential worth of your damage claim can be estimated during a consultation with your attorney. Influencing factors include the type of damage, repair costs, depreciation, and policy limits. For higher-cost damages, like those to a tile roof, the claim’s potential worth may be greater. 

Is it true I only have one year to file a claim after a hurricane in Florida? 

Yes, recent legislation in Florida has shortened the timeframe for filing hurricane damage claims to just one year. To ensure timely filing, have your property inspected soon after a hurricane to identify any hidden damage. Our firm can assist with timely filing and managing your claim.

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