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Let’s start by stating the obvious. Insurance companies are for-profit entities, and they will do whatever they have to do to emphasize the “profit” part. We’ve worked hundreds of cases, and in that time, we’ve gone to trial and we’ve won large amounts when the insurance company initially denied or underpaid homeowners for their claims.

Just because your claim was denied does not mean you are not entitled to receiving a benefit from your policy. 

Nearly all our property insurance claim clients were either denied or underpaid. The answer is not always insurance fraud, but Attorney John Tolley constantly goes against insurance companies who do commit fraud and he wins. Take a look at the links below to read about three cases where Attorney John Tolley uncovered fraudulent actions taken by insurance companies. Each of these cases involve the insurance company giving directives to their field adjusters to create false reports or overlook damage. 

·      Do insurance companies commit fraud?

·      Insurance companies are directing field adjusters to alter their reports to deny claims.

·      A field adjuster confessed to being given directives to follow on how to write his report.

Getting started is as easy as 1,2,3, FREE.

1. Schedule a free case evaluation  

Tell us about your claim and provide any supporting documentation you may have. Our team can help you gather the needed material if you require assistance. 

2. Our team will investigate to determine the strength of your case 

Every case has a varying level of strength. Strong cases are usually triumphant, but not every case is viable. Our team simply wants to make sure your case is valid. During your initial conversation with one of our lawyers, you’ll discover whether you have a case or not. 

3. We take on your residential property claim at zero upfront cost to you. There’s only a fee if we win. 

After our team has determined your case is valid, we will immediately begin working to strengthen your claim to fight to help get you the benefit you deserve. 

What you need to know about residential property insurance claims

Insurance policies are complex documents written by teams of lawyers who write the policy in such a way to make the language used in the document confusing to the general population. The policy is usually written to favor the insurance company and not the client. In most cases, the policy has loopholes that allow the insurance company to behave fraudulently without any repercussions.  

Your insurance policy places the burden of proving the damage or loss happened in a manner covered by your policy. This responsibility is placed on your shoulders by your policy, but we can help. Documents need to be filed, and strict deadlines must be adhered to; otherwise, your claim may be denied simply because of a technicality. JT Law Firm will step up to the insurance company and fight them to get you the payment you deserve. 

We get the insurance companies to pay you even when they do not want to. We’ll even take the insurance company to court if we have to!

Schedule a free case evaluation today or call us at (855) 585-2997 to speak with a residential property insurance claim attorney.

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