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In many states – Florida included – if you are arrested, you have a criminal record, and that record will exist whether you’ve been convicted for a crime or not.  Your criminal record will be visible to employers, prospective employers, and landlords.  It will appear in background checks and may even be visible in online searches. 

As a general rule, misdemeanors are the only records that can be sealed or expunged.  If you were arrested for a felony but not convicted – your criminal record may qualify to be sealed or expunged.  There are several different processes involved in getting a record sealed or expunged, and the necessary steps vary depending on whether you were arrested and not convicted or arrested and convicted.

Arrested but not convicted

You may qualify to have your criminal record sealed or expunged in a case where you were not convicted. 

Some requirements may include not having a history of criminal records being sealed or expunged. 

Arrested and convicted

Records involving a felony conviction are not eligible to be sealed or expunged.  Misdemeanors are usually the only cases eligible to be sealed.  For example, DUIs and DWIs are not eligible to be sealed.

Were you arrested by mistake?

Were you arrested due to a law enforcement mistake or error?  If yes, you may qualify for an “administrative expungement”. 

Who needs an expungement lawyer?

JT Law Firm will stand by you.  Expungements exist to help you move forward.  If you are a law-abiding citizen, you deserve the right not to be burdened by the baggage created by a past mistake.  Our expungement lawyers will handle your expungement process to fight for your criminal records to be sealed or expunged.

Once your case has been expunged or sealed, anyone performing a background check will not be able to see your past criminal record.  This includes landlords, prospective employers, and anyone performing a background check.

JT Law Firm wants to fight for your fresh start.

As a law firm, our goal is to always be accessible to our clients and to deliver the best results possible.  If you were arrested and have a criminal record that qualifies to be sealed or expunged, choose JT Law Firm.  Our team will work around the clock to ensure you have a fair chance. 

Steps to get your criminal record sealed or expunged

1: Apply for a Certificate of Eligibility
2: Certified Disposition of Charges.  Expungement cases require approval from a state attorney.
3: FDLE Processing
4: File a Petition with the Court

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