Hurricane Nicole

Hurricane Nicole Property Damage Claims 

Nicole slammed into the East Coast of Florida as a category 1 hurricane on November 10, wreaking further havoc on cities already devasted by Hurricane Ian just a few weeks earlier. 

Hurricane Nicole Property Damage Claims

7,000 property damage claims and counting

As of November 14, over 7,200 claims were filed, of which 5,583 involved a residential damage claim. 

Hurricane Nicole poses a problem for homeowners because many of these residential claims could involve homes already damaged by Hurricane Ian, which made landfall on the West Coast of Florida on September 28 – just a few weeks before Nicole hit. When filing a damage claim, homeowners need to be able to discern between damage caused by Hurricane Ian and damage caused by Hurricane Nicole. 

Sustaining property damage can cause problems and affect the daily lives of those affected. Even though Hurricane Nicole was not considered a major hurricane, estimates still suggest a high property damage estimate of $72.4 million. This number may still go up as more property owners will be filing claims in the coming weeks and even months. Sometimes damage isn’t easily seen until it begins to affect other areas in the home, such as wind uplift damage in a roof. This type of damage can take years to “appear”, but its cause may be a storm or hurricane that passed years prior. One of the best things to do after a powerful storm passes over your home is to hire a professional to inspect your property so they can locate any hidden damage that may be present.

Professionally inspecting your property promptly will help you file a claim during your filing window and before the damage worsens. 

Hurricane Nicole’s timing could not be worse.

Hurricane Nicole hit Florida weeks after Ian – a category 4 hurricane devasted Florida – and Nicole’s arrival coincided with King Tide, multiplying the effects of the storm surge. 

What is King Tide?

King Tide is a term used to describe exceptionally high tides. 

Take a look at these pictures of Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL the day after Nicole hit the area.

Hurricane Nicole causes flooding in Las Olas Fort Lauderdale
Car stranded in flood water after Hurricane Nicole
Intracoastal waterway floods into Las Olas after Hurrciane Nicole

We’ll fight the insurance companies to get them to pay you for your property damage. 

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