Hurricane Nicole / Hurricane property damage claims

Can I still file a Hurricane Nicole property damage claim?

The deadline to file a Hurricane Nicole property damage claim in Florida is November 10, 2024. 

Hurricane Nicole made landfall on November 10, 2022, which was just before Florida passed new legislation changing the window to file a damage claim to one year from the original two-year window after the date of loss. This means property owners affected by Hurricane Nicole can take advantage of that full two-year window to file; however, any new hurricanes that impact Florida will fall within the new one-year window to file a claim. 

Hurricane Nicole struck Florida just weeks after Hurricane Ian, causing further damage across the State. 

Because of Ian’s aftermath, Hurricane Nicole seemed somewhat forgotten, but Nicole was still a hurricane that caused massive damage and affected millions of people, even those who may not have been affected by Hurricane Ian.  

The window to file a damage claim for Nicole is closing soon, and the question on many homeowners’ minds is – “what caused this damage to my home?” 

If you discovered a leak in your home after Hurricane Nicole, then you may have hurricane damage to your property.  

Can I still file a Hurricane Nicole Damage Claim in Florida

Which Hurricane damaged your property? Did Ian or Nicole damage your home?

Handling complex damage claims is why other attorneys trust us to handle their claims.

Both storms struck Florida weeks apart, creating a complicated situation in which you, as a homeowner, may have an Ian claim, a Nicole claim, or possibly both. 

A separate hurricane damage claim must be filed for each incident.  

Distinguishing between damage caused by different events can be complex, but working with a skilled team of property damage claim lawyers can streamline the process and enhance the likelihood of receiving a high payout for your damage.

A late Hurricane Nicole claim submission may be questioned and possibly viewed as a fraudulent claim by your insurance company. 

If you are just now getting ready to file a damage claim for Hurricane Nicole, your claim may face additional hurdles now because of how much time has passed from the date of loss. Your homeowner’s insurance company may even deny your claim because they will question why it took you so long to file when the storm hit back in 2022. 

What the insurance company counts on is you filing alone. When a homeowner files a damage claim alone, the insurance company knows homeowners generally lack formal training and do not possess industry specific knowledge for getting around the insurance company’s tactics.  

At JT Law Firm, we will launch a thorough investigation to uncover all the covered damage in your property and prepare a formidable strategy to increase your chances at receiving a proper payout. 

One common reason for a hurricane claim to be filed late is the time it can often take for wind uplift damage to be discovered. Insurance companies know all about this, yet they are still caught denying valid claims often. 

JT Law Firm’s hurricane lawyers are experienced, and they will aggressively fight for you. 

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Remember the window to file a claim for Nicole closes on November 10, 2024. Take the first step to file now by contacting JT Law Firm today.  

Filing a damage claim for Hurricane Nicole needs to happen while the window to file is open. 

It all starts with a free claim review. 

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