Hurricane Ian / Hurricane Nicole / Roof Damage

Does your ceiling show signs of water damage? What can you do?

So your ceiling is starting to look like this? 

Ceiling water spot from roof damage

Then call us at (855) 585-2997. We’ll fight the insurance company on your behalf. 

Fighting with an insurance company

More Hurricane Ian claims are expected to be filed in the coming months. Over 100,000 Hurricane Ian claims are still open. 

As of March 2023, there are nearly 110,000 open Ian claims, with more expected to be added in the coming months. 

If your claim is not showing signs of forward momentum, then it may be time to consider calling JT Law Firm at (855) 585-2997

As the rainy season in Florida starts, many homeowners will begin to notice water stains or other signs of water damage in their ceilings or walls. Water intrusion damage can quickly get out of control. By the time you notice a stain on your ceiling, that water may have traveled from another section of the house before finally settling on that spot. If ignored, the water may damage walls, electrical components and even result in additional roof damage. Mold growth is also possible, and with the humid, hot environment of the summer months, finding mold after a leak is common. 

You can’t spell Justice without “JT”

Fighting for homeowners to receive the justice and funds they deserve for their property damage is what we do. 

We’ve closed hundreds of claims and helped homeowners and their families recover from the aftermath of a disaster. 

As one of the nation’s fastest-growing law firms, we pride ourselves on having a national reach with a personal touch. Unlike those tv law firms, JT Law Firm employs highly experienced legal professionals who excel in their fields.  Our attorneys are not new to law. They are seasoned professionals with many victories under their belts. When you call the office, if you ask to speak with an attorney, you will speak with an attorney. Our legal team works around the clock, and since our founding, we have earned an average payout of over $50,000 above what the insurance company originally offered.

If your claim was denied or underpaid, contact JT Law Firm. Choose the law firm other lawyers trust with their cases. 

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