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El Niño Winter Storms Have Begun Impacting the East Coast

Florida saw a massive El Niño-fueled winter storm slam into nearly the entire state over the weekend, with most of the storm impacting the state on Saturday, December 16.   

This was a formidable storm and was by all accounts tropical strength.  

The storm swept through Florida and is now making its way up the East Coast, impacting nearly all of the East Coast as it makes its way up north. 

Impacted states include Florida, New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, among others.

El Niño Winter Storms Have Begun Impacting the East Coast

What can you expect with this winter storm? 

Florida faced tropical storm conditions, causing heavy rain, power outages, and powerful gusts suspected to be in the 60s. 

Damaged seawalls and property damage are being reported from areas across Florida.  

This storm is indicative of what might be a strong El Niño winter, which generally brings more storms across the Southeast. This particular system brought tropical-like conditions to the Tampa Bay area and many parts of Florida.  

The winter storm moved into Florida from the state’s west coast, so areas like Tampa Bay and St. Petersburg were hit hard.  

This storm remains unnamed because it’s a “cold-core system,” meaning it originates from a cold front, differing from tropical cyclones. However, its strength is in line with tropical storm conditions.

The Winter Storm is now moving north.

If you’re in this storm’s path, anticipate a combination of heavy rainfall, high winds, powerful wind gusts, potential coastal floods, the possibility of tornadoes, and snowfall for specific areas.

Forecasted Impacts and Warnings

  • Coastal concerns: Watch out for storm surges, high surf, and beach erosion. 
  • Wind advisory: Expect gusty winds capable of causing power outages across the Southeast to the Northeast, with wind speeds potentially reaching 60 mph.
  • Rain and snow: Heavy rain is expected, with some regions facing up to 6 inches, leading to potential flooding. Snow accumulation is also possible in the interior Northeast.

Despite being unnamed, it’s essential to stay informed and follow local weather advisories. Those living along the coast should be mindful of coastal flood watches, gale warnings, and small craft advisories.

Stay safe and be informed.

This weekend and throughout the winter, it’s crucial to stay alert and aware of local weather conditions. The unusual nature of these El Niño storms can catch people off guard, and the property damage these storms can cause is massive. Being informed is your first line of defense against these unpredictable weather events.

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