Hurricane Ian

How can you tell you have roof damage from Hurricane Ian?

How do you know if Hurricane Ian damaged your roof_

How can you tell if your roof is damaged?

Without obvious signs like missing shingles or tiles, there is no easy way to spot every type of roof damage by just casually looking at your roof. You need to hire a professional to inspect your roof and check for wind and uplift damage. This type of damage can go unnoticed for years until, eventually, it leads to a leak.

Roof damage from Hurricane Ian is widespread. If your neighbors have damage, then odds are you do too

You may think your house escaped any significant damage from Ian, but as Hurricane Ian passed over your home, it was hit by strong winds. Reports from the weather channel say gusts were as
high as 150 MPH+. This massive storm caused catastrophic damage throughout the State of Florida. Your focus should be on identifying if damage is present in your property as quickly as possible.

Getting an inspection can save you tens of thousands or more in the long run. 

An inspection will identify any damage that may be present if any. Either way, you will have peace of mind knowing you did your part, and your next steps will be outlined in either event. 

You want to avoid a situation where you think you escaped Ian without any damage, to only have a roof leak occur in a few years, which at that time it will most likely be too late to file a claim on.

You have two years to file a claim. 

In the event you have damage, filing as soon as possible is critical. You have two years to file your claim. Otherwise, you risk your claim being denied.

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