Hurricane property damage claims

Hurricane property damage claim questions we received this week

Here are some of the questions are legal team received this week from homeowners asking questions regarding their coverage.

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Hurricane damage claim questions

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover wind damage?

You are generally covered if wind damages your property. Homeowner’s insurance policies typically include coverage for wind damage.  This may include wind damage to your roof, wind-driven water infiltration, broken windows and doors, and damage to the exterior components of your home like your siding.

If a tree falls on my home during a hurricane, will my insurance policy cover the damages? 

Generally, if a tree on your property falls and damages your home as a result of a hurricane, your insurance policy is expected to cover the damage and the costs associated with the removal of the tree.

Can I receive a payout for personal items if a hurricane damaged them? 

Proving ownership of the items damaged by a hurricane is crucial to receiving compensation. You can do this by showing images or videos of your home prior to the storm where the items in question are visible, showing receipts, or having an inventory log of your possessions. Having one or all of these can strengthen your insurance claim.

What if I’m not getting enough money from the insurance company for my hurricane claim?

Underpayment offers may seem like a dead end, but they are not. You still have options even after the insurance company responds with an underpayment offer. In many cases, you can ask for a reinspection of your property, but securing an attorney can help increase your chances of receiving a higher payout.  

Is it too late to file for a damage claim from Hurricane Ian?

In Florida, the deadline to file a claim for damage caused by Hurricane Ian is two years from the date of the incident. This means you have until September 28, 2024, to submit your claim.

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