Property Damage

“I was told to put that in my report.” The insurance company’s adjuster was instructed to make a false statement to get the claim denied.


Insurance carrier Family Security Insurance Company, INC and their adjusting firm Property Loss Specialist wanted one of their field adjusters to alter his report to include a false statement. The order to alter the report came from every level of authority, including the owner of Property Loss Specialist. 

“No wind damages were observed upon inspection.” This is the line they wanted the field adjuster to add to his report. 

During a deposition, an insurance company’s field adjuster, under oath, stated he was being forced to include language he disagreed with in his report. Management wanted him to sign off on the report and say no wind damage was observed. In reality, wind damage was found, which would make this report fraudulent.. 


“He ignored the six requests that I made for him to address it.”

The field adjuster attempted to address the false statement six times with the carrier’s desk adjuster, but each attempt was ignored. 


It wasn’t just this case. There’s an entire history of false statements being inserted into reports. 

Attorney John Tolley asked the field adjuster if false statements and altered reports were unique to this case or if other cases were tainted in the same way. Under oath, the field adjuster answered by confirming other cases were altered in similar ways with false statements, and the main culprit behind these fraudulent actions was United Property and Casualty and their subsidiary Family Security Insurance Company, INC. 

The fraudulent directives from the Insurance Company were not limited to this case.


Ethics, moral codes, and even the law were all thrown out the window just so the insurance company could make a profit. 

Covered wind damage was found. That should have been the end of this story. The insurance company should have abided by the terms in the policy they wrote instead of trying to cheat the client out of compensation for damage covered under their policy. In the process of altering the report, the insurance company and its affiliates breached their contract, broke the law, ignored the field adjuster’s attempts to remove the false statements, and even attempted to intimidate the field adjuster by indicating he would lose his job if he didn’t follow their orders. 


Insurance companies commit fraud. They would like to convince you they are the billion dollar victims, but they commit fraud often.

They just have millions of dollars to spend on advertising and lobbyists to try and convince you otherwise. Lately, there has been a massive push by the insurance companies to play a victim of fraud and deceit conducted by roofers and attorneys. The truth is a large amount of carriers are enjoying their best financial years ever.

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