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Is it too late to file a Hurricane Ian claim?

Is it too late to file a Hurricane Ian Claim?

You should have until September 28, 2024, to file a Hurricane Ian property damage claim. 

Generally, you want to file your hurricane damage claim as close to the date of loss as possible. However, there are some cases where a homeowner may be unaware they have damage. 

Wind uplift is one of the hardest and “hidden” types of damage a property can sustain after a powerful storm.  

A general rule to follow is to get your home professionally inspected after any powerful storm with the potential to cause damage passes over your home or business. Following this rule can help you avoid a situation where you become aware of property damage after your window to file a claim has closed. 

Under Florida’s new insurance laws, policyholders now only have a one-year window to file a hurricane damage claim from the “date of loss.” However, the original two-year window should still apply to Hurricane Ian since it made landfall in Florida before the new law was passed and thus the policy started before the hurricane. 

Hurricane Ian was not only a powerful storm – it was a costly storm.

Ranking at #3 in the nation’s costliest storms, as of now, Ian has racked up an estimated damage cost of over $112 billion.  If you are one of the thousands of homeowners whose property was affected by Hurricane Ian, and you still haven’t filed a claim or your claim has been delayed, denied, or underpaid, speaking with a property damage attorney should be your next step. 

Choose a law firm that will treat you like a person. Every JT Law Firm property damage attorney gets to know and understand every detail surrounding your case and fights for the people behind the case. As a law firm built to help people, we depend on you to succeed. Our success is built on the stories you tell. Every time we help a homeowner, we know we’re not just helping them – we’re helping their family and everyone who depends on their property being habitable. 

Hurricane Ian Roof Damage in Florida
Hurricane Ian Commercial Building Roof Damage
Hurricane Ian Tornado Damage in Roof
Hurricane Ian Rips Roof Shingles off of home

Not sure if you have damage from Hurricane Ian? Did you get a new roof leak recently? 

Wind uplift damage can eventually result in a roof leak. This is why so many homeowners believe they escaped damage-free after Hurricane Ian, only to discover their roofs had wind damage months later.  

The start of the last rainy season in Florida brought an uptick in Ian damage claims because the increased rain activity helped uncover the wind-induced roof damage Ian caused when it swept over properties in Florida. 

If you have a new roof leak, there may be a chance it was caused by Hurricane Ian.  Get your home professionally inspected to discover if you have a valid Ian damage claim.  Contact our team to get started.

Late claim submissions often face additional difficulties thrown at the homeowner by the insurance company.  

If you are just now getting ready to file a Hurricane Ian property damage claim, your claim may be denied or delayed because your insurance company will question why it took you so long to file. 

Get ahead of the insurance company’s tactics and work with JT Law Firm today. Our property damage attorneys do this every day.  

Take action before it’s too late. Remember, you only have until September 28, 2024 to file. 

Contact us today for a free claim review, or call us at 855-585-2997.

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