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Lately, news headlines have shown how insurance companies are going out of business. They go on to dramatize how the remaining insurance companies have no choice but to raise premiums due to mounting litigation cases. 

The insurance companies are blaming fraudulent policyholders and law firms for the rise in litigation cases.  In a recent case, the insurance company ignored every attempt to avoid litigation. They took the option of avoiding litigation off the table. We filed a notice of intent, requested an appraisal, and sent reminders – every attempt was ignored.  

The truth is every industry has bad apples. In reality, insurance companies are not as innocent as they try to make you believe they are. Insurance companies spend millions per year on lobbyists and advertising to convince you they are innocent. Fraud on their side happens all the time in the form of improper denials and grossly underpaying the claim. The difference is the insurance companies have millions of dollars, lobbyists, and highly paid attorneys on their side. 

Insurance companies often commit fraud.
The only way to stop or deter them is to engage in litigation.

Attorney John Tolley has gone to trial on several cases involving insurance companies denying or grossly underpaying claims. Mr. Tolley has also caught major carriers committing fraud. During these cases, whistleblowers under oath shed light on fraudulent actions they were instructed to take on behalf of their bosses and management. Field adjusters have testified in favor of the homeowner under oath describing instances where they were instructed to alter reports, insert false statements into reports, and avoid taking actions to uncover damage. 

Reform is needed on each side.
Last year’s reforms were for the benefit of only the insurance carriers.

One of the primary senators who supported Senate Bill 76 last year owns an insurance brokerage making him financially motivated to have policies passed that favor insurance companies. Senate Bill 76 granted insurance companies significant loopholes making it difficult for policyholders to reach a fair conclusion in a timely manner. Reform is needed, but it’s needed on every side. The current law allows insurance companies to get away with too much. Under current regulations, insurance companies can legally delay your claim, hide evidence during a trial and even deny claims for little to no reason. 

There’s more to Florida’s property insurance crisis than is being reported. If you’re a property owner and have fallen victim to insurance fraud, we want to help you. 

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