Property Damage

The insurance company ignored every attempt to avoid litigation.


JT Law Firm was recently involved in a case where the insurance carrier, refused to adequately cover the damages one of their customers in a good standing sustained. The defendant refused to handle this case fairly and ignored every attempt to avoid litigation.  With limited options to choose from, our client had to decide between accepting an unfair outcome or to seek compensation using an attorney. 

A lawsuit had to be filed. It was the only option left

No one other than the insurance company wanted this claim to end up in litigation. Every attempt to avoid litigation was taken. A request for appraisal was submitted – the insurance company ignored it. Multiple reminders were sent – all of them went ignored. A notice of intent was filed – it completely ignored the demand and appraisal invocation.

It is important to note that the carrier found damages that were covered by the policy to this homeowner’s property. The homeowner’s attorney John Tolley attempted to request appraisal to avoid litigation that were completely ignored on several occasions. Even attempts to engage in formal negotiations to find an outcome both sides were satisfied with were ignored. The Insurance Company failed numerous times to even make an attempt to keep this case out of court.


A year later, Senate Bill 76 only benefits the insurance companies. 

Under the new Bill Florida passed – Senate Bill 76 – insurance companies are legally allowed to “delay” a claim. Property insurance reforms should protect homeowners. Instead, they seem only to benefit the insurance companies, who do not hesitate to take advantage of every loophole granted to them.  

Senate Bill 76 was passed to help prevent claim abuse and reduce the number of cases resulting in litigation. The Bill seeks to control the fees attorneys could collect per case, create lengthy notice procedures, and regulate how much a claimant could be awarded. As incredible as this Bill may sound, the primary senator supporting the Bill owns an insurance brokerage – making him financially motivated to write favorable policies for insurance companies and not policyholders. 

This Bill has been in effect for about a year, and it has failed to reduce the number of cases ending in litigation adequately. If anything, the Bill created obstacles for policyholders to circumnavigate around to receive the compensation owed to them. 

The insurance companies fail to even show an ounce of care for their clients.   

Ethical and moral duty aside, laws and policies are in place to guide a claim to a fair conclusion. The insurance companies and the claimants simply need to take a look at the insurance policy and follow it. However, insurance companies are great at inserting language that is difficult to understand, and in many cases, the insurance company is the first to breach the contract they wrote. Under these circumstances, policyholders are left with few options, which leads to the policyholder having to engage in litigation to fight for a fair outcome. 

JT Law Firm aggressively fights the insurance companies for every client. 

You can count on two things. The first is the insurance company doing anything to deny, delay, or underpay you. Second, to have a JT Law Firm Attorney stand beside you and fight for what you deserve.  

Our firm often goes against insurance companies and wins. John Tolley and Monica Balyasny were recently awarded the distinction of being a “Rising Star” by Super Lawyers – an award given to only 2.5% of lawyers.  

Experience the JT Law Firm Advantage for yourself. You’ve fought the insurance company alone long enough. Let us help you. 

There is no cost or fee unless we win. 

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