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“My 13-year career was ruined by this company”. How an Insurance Company Wrongfully Denied Claims.


During a deposition with a field adjuster who was handling cases for UPC via Mid-America, the truth behind the denied claim for Attorney John Tolley’s client was discovered.  The deposed field adjuster stated UPC gave him and other field adjusters directives on handling upcoming Hurricane Irma cases.  These directives were meant to shape the field adjusters’ reports with the goal of denying each claim.


They are going to deny everything.

This was the knowledge field adjusters working Hurricane Irma cases for UPC via Mid-America had.  Field adjusters were expected to only go to properties and take pictures.  They were also instructed on what to say and what not to say during their time in the claimants’ property.  


UPC and its representatives directed field adjusters not to use the word “damage.” 

“We were not supposed to write the word damage, say the word damage, or write any estimates because they were going to be denied.”

Field adjusters were receiving directives from UPC and its representatives.  “We were instructed to not say anything about anything”.  UPC was mishandling cases, and they were “blanketly denying” claims no matter what.  

“My 13-year career was ruined by this company”.  This is how the field adjuster in this deposition feels about UPC.

UPC’s unethical conduct and constant mishandling of cases made the field adjuster in this deposition feel uncomfortable.  This feeling eventually led to him no longer working daily claims for UPC.  During the deposition, he went on to state that if allowed, he would have handled the report differently.


Insurance fraud is the term we’d use at JT Law Firm to describe UPC’s handling of this case and the others like it. 

It takes brave heroes like the field adjuster, in this case, to tell the truth in hopes of putting an end to fraudulent actions taken by insurance companies like UPC.   

UPC indicated the claim was denied for various reasons, including mechanical breakdown, defects, shrinkage, bulging or expansion, deterioration, and lack of maintenance.When asked, the field adjuster who worked on the report stated he never observed such conditions or anything that pointed to such conditions.Evidence pointed to signs of maintenance on the property to prevent further damage, yet UPC said there was a lack of maintenance.


Denied without proper cause

At this point, it looks as if UPC was doing anything possible to avoid paying a benefit to the claimant despite their claim having validity.

During the deposition, the field adjuster stated the report should have included an estimate for a full roof replacement, and he would have included it on the report if he had the ability to.The only reason the report did not include a full roof replacement estimate was because UPC instructed them not to add one.


“You’ve already objected to everything” 

During this deposition, it was clear the field adjuster wanted to speak his mind, but before he could answer questions Attorney John Tolley asked him, UPC’s legal counsel would constantly object and state the questions pertained to privileged information, making it difficult for the field adjuster to answer anything. During this deposition, the field adjuster even responded to UPC’s legal counsel by saying, “you’ve already objected to everything.”The field adjuster was trying to justly express the truth as to how UPC mishandled this case and others like it and how he feels UPC is conducting itself in an unethical manner.


Was your case denied, delayed, or underpaid? 

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