Hurricane Ian

Over 130,000 Hurricane Ian claims have already been denied.

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Hurricane Ian damage claims in Florida already exceed half a million, and over 130,000 of these have been denied. 

You have two years to file your property damage claim starting from the date of the storm. This means time is ticking, and if you are unsure whether you have damage, consider hiring a professional to inspect your home or property. Avoid a situation where minor damage builds
until it spreads and results in additional damage years later, which at that point, your claim may get denied.

Identifying damage as soon as possible is critical to helping your claim result in a payout high enough to cover all your repair expenses.

Hurricane Ian Property Insurance Claim Attorney 

Remember those cases where JT Law Firm discovered insurance companies taking fraudulent actions to get claims denied? These cases demonstrate how insurance companies are not content with the billions they already bring in – they want to deny your claim to keep more money for themselves. 

You need to hire an attorney that is determined to win. The property claim attorneys at JT Law Firm take pride in beating insurance companies in their own game. Our legal team puts in the time to strengthen your claim, which helps increase your chances of receiving a favorable outcome.

Was your Hurricane Ian claim denied? 

We can still help. Schedule a consultation and tell us what happened. We will discover how valid your claim is, and if we uncover your claim was unjustly denied, we will aggressively fight the insurance company on your behalf.

Insurance companies often deny valid claims. 

If you suspect your claim was denied, underpaid, or you want to start the claim process the right way – speak with a JT Law Firm team member today.

There’s no cost or fee to hire us. 

Schedule your complimentary discovery call today. Call us at 855-585-2997.

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