Property Damage

They knew every claim was going to be denied.


Insurance companies often take shortcuts and break procedures to deny claims purposefully. In the last year, John Tolley of JT Law Firm has settled various claims where the insurance company was suspected of committing insurance fraud. Three of these cases stand out for all the wrong reasons. 

Careers have been ruined, field adjusters have been forced into ethically sensitive positions, and directives were forced on employees from insurance companies to alter reports. 

This is an unfortunate reality we see occur too often. The fact is, seeking compensation for a claim shouldn’t be a burden for property owners. If they have a good standing policy and a legitimate claim, they should receive a fair payout.  

The following image was taken from a deposition where Attorney John Tolley questioned a field adjuster who did not hesitate to say he was forced into an uncomfortable position by the insurance company. The completed report the insurance company used to refuse to pay a claim did not even include an estimate for the scope of damages, which makes it seem they never really had any intention of taking the claim seriously to begin with. The field adjuster involved in this claim wanted to include a scope of damages estimate, but the insurance company forced directives on every employee involved in this case, and others like it, to ultimately control what was included in the report.  


During a separate deposition, a field adjuster who was questioned stated that he was compelled to change his entire career path because of the fraudulent and unethical actions the insurance company was trying to force him to take


Finally, in this third image, a field adjuster states, “We were instructed not to write an estimate for the roof damages.”It’s obvious the insurance company was intentionally denying claims. 


How is it that insurance companies get away with these fraudulent actions?

Every time we see a case like this, our team is simultaneously angered and saddened. We always put in 100% effort, and our team works together to uncover as much evidence as possible to ultimately build an undeniably strong case. Insurance companies have thousands of professionals and millions of dollars at their disposal. However, the attorneys at JT Law Firm have years of experience in breaking down these cases and finding the weaknesses. This analysis has helped to uncover fraudulent actions like the ones above.

Sometimes Field adjusters are also the unspoken victims in all these cases. 

Imagine going to work, and your boss is literally instructing you to aid in fraud. Worse yet, they do not even ask for your opinion. They are demanding you to take fraudulent actions for them, and they expect you to obey blindly. This is the position dozens of field adjusters who work daily claims for insurance companies are put in. The truth is field adjusters are also victims in this wheel of deceit that’s spun by insurance companies.

Never settle for less than you deserve. JT Law Firm makes the insurance companies literally pay!

You need lawyers by your side with experience. There’s a reason why our firm’s founding partner have been awarded the distinction of being called “Super Lawyer”. He knows how to deliver results, and has years of experience. If you want to stand a chance at receiving a favorable outcome for your claim, you need to make sure you partner with the best. Choose JT Law Firm for your property insurance claims

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