Tornado damage claims

Tornado damage claims expected to rise in Florida’s Bay Area 

Tornadoes moving across the Tampa Bay area overnight on October 12 caused extensive damage across multiple counties, as reported by Bay News 9. The Southeast has witnessed an increase in powerful storms and tornadic activity due to high levels of tropical moisture.

Areas affected by these recent tornadoes include – Clearwater, Dunedin, and Pinellas. These cities experienced significant storm and tornado damage.

Tornado damage claims

Powerful storms spawn multiple tornadoes in the Bay Area, tearing through buildings and leaving a trail of damage behind. 

Multiple tornado touchdowns were reported along the affected areas, resulting in extensive property damage and several injuries. 

Several buildings collapsed in Crystal River, a condo building in Dunedin had a section of the third-floor wall blown off, trucks were flipped, windows were shattered in businesses and homes, and roof damage can be seen throughout many properties. 

The Citrus County School District closed schools on Thursday, reporting the west side of the county sustained significant damage. 

Catastrophic tornado damage to homes from powerful winds. 

Identifying, documenting, and addressing the full extent of your property damage following the aftermath of a tornado is our goal.

Left in the tornado’s wake is a trail of devastation that’s both visible and hidden. Understanding the complex nature of tornado damage is crucial when filing your claim and negotiating with your insurance company. 

Tornadoes can cause a wide range of damage, from uprooting trees to tearing apart homes. Here are common types of damages seen after a tornado:

  1. Structural damage to your home: This includes broken windows, torn roofs, and even complete destruction of properties.
  2. Exterior damage: From landscape damage where trees might get uprooted and gardens destroyed to damage to the exterior spaces of your home, like balconies, terraces, pools, and pool enclosures. 

Exterior damage is often easy to see after a tornado sweeps through your area. Spotting missing or damaged sections of your home, uprooted trees, and broken structures is simple. Not all damage is easy to spot. Your home may look unharmed by a tornado, but working with a professional tornado damage claim attorney who will deploy a team of highly experienced professionals to inspect your home can result in the discovery of major damage hidden from sight. If left alone, this damage can wreak havoc later on, and if you wait too long to file your claim, then you risk a claim denial for a late claim submission. 

If your home sustained damage from a tornado and you want help recovering compensation from your insurance company, speak with JT Law Firm today. 

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