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Tornado property damage claim lawyers in Florida

Tornado property damage claim lawyers in Florida

Tornados cause millions worth of damage each year. In 2021, tornadoes caused more than $229 Million in damage across the U.S., which luckily is down from a peak in 2011 when tornadoes caused more than $9 Billion in damage across the country.  

Tornado damage insurance claims are complex.  

Tornadoes have the potential to cause catastrophic levels of structural damage to both residential and commercial properties. In fact, aside from the storm surge associated with Hurricane Ian, tornadoes spawned by the storm passed through crowded neighborhoods and tore roofs apart. Entire blocks were decimated because of powerful tornadoes. 

Hurricanes and thunderstorms can both spawn tornados with little to no warning leaving nearby properties at risk of sustaining damage. Not to mention the danger tornadoes pose to human life. 

Types of Tornado Property Damage

  1. Structural Damage: Tornadoes can cause severe structural damage to homes and commercial properties. Leaving damage to walls, roofs, windows, doors, and in some cases, even damaging the foundation of the property. In extreme cases, this type of damage can result in a partial or full collapse of the property. 
  2. Wind Damage: Strong winds generated by tornadoes can cause roof shingles to fly away or loosen, cause roof tiles to shift or become dislodged, and even result in wind uplift damage.  
  3. Water Intrusion: Any damage sustained in the roof can quickly lead to water intrusion damage. Powerful winds can also cause damage to doors and windows, which can also lead to water intrusion damage. 
  4. Loss of Personal Property: If a home sustains any sort of structural or water intrusion, then additional damages that may be present also include loss of personal property. This can include damaged furniture, electronics, jewelry, and art, among others. 
  5. Damage from flying debris: When tornadoes spawn, they pick up anything they can on their path. Small objects, trees or branches, and rocks can all become projectiles traveling at high speeds, and collide with your home. Windows can be broken, roofs punctured, and doors forced open if a large enough object slams into it. 

Tornado Property Damage Claim Lawyers

Navigating the claims process can be difficult. Insurance companies are not known for their kindness or willingness to help homeowners. Any damage claim needs to be handled in a timely manner to ensure you are properly compensated and to help you regain a sense of normality.  

Our team of lawyers can help you…..

  • Understand how much damage your property sustained. 
  • Review your policy to uncover how much compensation you are really entitled to. 
  • Assist with documentation and evidence gathering. 
  • Negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to avoid you accepting a lowball offer.
  • In the event negotiations fail, we can help you with formal litigation to fight for you to collect the compensation owed to you. 

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