Property Damage / Tips for Public Adjusters

(Webinar Registration) Tips Public Adjusters Can Implement Today to Maximize Their Client’s Claim 

How can I speed up my client’s insurance claim?

This is a common question we get asked often.  The answer is not that simple, but there are tactics you can implement today to ensure a better claims process for your clients – thus improving their experience with you and helping them secure a faster, higher payout.

This is the exact question we will be answering in our upcoming free webinar.  We are going to share tactics proven to expedite the claims process.  Tactics acquired through years of experience and after dozens of tried cases.

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Attorney John Tolley Helping Public Adjusters Close Claims Faster

“This webinar is for roofers, contractors, and public adjusters who are looking to enhance their knowledge in the property insurance claims process.  The goal of this is to help document, report, and support evidence of property damage in a more persuasive manner.  Preparing your case as if it’s going to trial from the very beginning can increase your chance of winning at trial or getting a better resolution for your clients.”

Attorney John Tolley has successfully tried dozens of cases and is the attorney of choice other lawyers go to when they go to trial.

John Tolley holding a webinar for Public Adjusters

Insurance companies are not particularly known for playing fair in the claims process – this is true whether you’re a homeowner handling a claim yourself, a public adjuster, or even an attorney.

The insurance company has a team of professionals at their disposal and deploys every tactic available to them in order to avoid paying a claim when they feel they can get away with it.

As a public adjuster, your role in expediting the claims process and ensuring a fair settlement is critical.  JT Law Firm is hosting a free webinar for public adjusters, roofers, and contractors, where Attorney John Tolley will be sharing his insightful tips for maximizing claims.  Register for free here.

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