Flood damage

Widespread flash flooding and record-breaking torrential rain cause massive flood damage in New York

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As recent events have shown, record rain in New York City has had a significant impact on homeowners – from ruined basements to the loss of irreplaceable items and massive amounts of flood damage to homes. 

Understanding your claim options is essential for every New York homeowner. 

Widespread flash flooding and record-breaking torrential rain cause massive flood damage in New York

On September 29, 2023, between midnight and the afternoon, rainfall rates were as high as 2 inches per hour. 

States of emergencies were declared in New York and New Jersey. 

Some areas saw rainfall as high as 9.10 inches within a 24-hour period. The severity of this flood affected thousands of homeowners and businesses across New York and New Jersey and has left many without a habitable property as restoration efforts begin. 

The National Weather Service said this flood event broke the previous rainfall record held by Hurricane Irene for the amount of rainfall in JFK airport. 

This storm by no means was expected to be this severe and the flood will permanently mark New York as one of its worst natural disasters.  

Homeowners will now begin to face an uphill battle to restore their properties to their previous pre-loss condition. 

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover flood damage? 

New York homeowners without flood insurance will face the toughest time recovering compensation as most homeowners insurance policies do not cover flood damage. 

Water damage is not flood damage. 

There’s an ongoing misconception that water damage and flood damage are the same thing. Insurance policies discern between the two, and if you want the ability to collect compensation for damage your property sustained from a flood, then you need to have a valid flood damage policy. 

Do I have a valid claim?

You may have a valid claim if you:

  1. Have a valid flood insurance policy in place 
  2. If your property sustains damage covered within your policy 

Navigating a New York Flood Damage Claim

For homeowners affected by the floods, understanding the complexities of New York flood damage claims is vital. Here are some key steps you need to know. 

  1. Immediate documentation: Photograph all damage. This becomes indispensable evidence when filing a claim.
  2. Know your policy: Be aware of the terms of your insurance policy. Knowing your coverage limits and deductibles is crucial.
  3. Promptly get your claim filed: Delays can lead to claim denials. Reach out to a New York property damage attorney as soon as possible for help with this step. 
  4. Consult an attorney: Flood damage claims can quickly become complex and difficult to push forward without a property damage attorney. An attorney can help maximize your claim and move the process forward.

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