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$50,000 for your property damage is the average payout we get our clients on top of their initial offer.  

You deserve to repair or replace the damaged areas of your property in a timely manner. However, the property damage claim process can be a long, tough ride. Our property damage claims litigation team was established to help property owners recover the financial compensation they deserve as soon as possible. If your property has sustained damage and that damage is covered under your policy, we can help you regardless of the state of your claim.  

If the insurance company denied or underpaid you, we can still help!


The JT Law Firm Advantage

Client first approach – Always. 

We take pride in helping our clients move forward. No one should be burdened by the consequences of a damaged property. Our property damage litigation team faces off against insurance companies daily. We know their tactics and the moves they’re planning next. Our team is aggressive and decisive with its strategies, making them a formidable force in and out of the courtroom. 

Why are property damage claims often underpaid or denied? 

Save yourself from stressing over your claim and choose an experienced attorney to help you recover maximum compensation. The insurance company will do whatever they can to quickly close your claim, even if that means denying or underpaying you. Insurance companies have highly trained representatives working for them with the goal of increasing profits year over year. This means denying, delaying, and underpaying claims. We have also caught insurance companies committing fraud on more than one occasion – especially after a massive catastrophic event like a hurricane. Read more here. 

We can push your case forward. 

Insurance companies quickly deny and underpay claims. This is when we step in on behalf of our clients. We conduct the necessary research and complete every process needed, all with the goal of building an unbeatable case so the insurance company will only have one option – to pay you maximum compensation for your claim.  

Our team is highly experienced in handling property damage cases – even previously denied claims. Even though insurance companies say they have your best interest in mind, their actions say something else.

If you would like to get JT Law Firm on the case, schedule a case evaluation today.

There’s no cost or fee unless we win. 

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