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Convincing a Jury: Is Your Property Damage Claim Justifiable?

Is Your Property Damage Claim Justifiable

JT Law Firm prepares your claim as if it’s going to trial from day 1.  This helps your claim submission and supporting evidence appear stronger and typically results in your claim settling outside of a courtroom. 

Navigating the complexities of a property damage claim takes a seasoned property damage claim attorney. When your home or commercial property is damaged, and the claim is denied or underpaid, you may feel you have no choice other than to engage in formal litigation. 

A lot of cases settle outside the courtroom. For those cases that do end in litigation, you need an experienced trial attorney with the ability to create a powerful argument in favor of your claim.

You need overwhelming evidence to support your claim.  

Images and videos are not always enough. You are expected to have them, but your attorney needs to take an approach beyond standard media. 

When facing off against an insurance company in litigation, your attorney needs to prepare an overwhelming amount of evidence to convince a jury your claim deserves to be paid. 

In the more than likely event your insurance company tries to convince the jury you are engaging in some form of fraud or “trying to get a free roof”, your attorney needs to prove by preponderance of the evidence that a powerful enough weather event struck your property and that it caused the damage seen in the images submitted with your claim. This is a needed step to convince a jury your claim is valid when a weather event like a hurricane, tornado, hail storm, etc, caused damage to your property. 

JT Law Firm works with advanced software to uncover, identify, and report on powerful weather events. This software is one of the tools we deploy in a trial to strengthen your claim. 

The insurance company refused to compensate our client fairly. We got the homeowner over $100,000.  

Insurance companies are caught denying and underpaying valid claims often. If you find out your insurance company is denying or underpaying you for your claim, then speak with an experienced property damage claim attorney as soon as you can. 

Trust the law firm other lawyers trust with their litigation cases. 

Our firm is built on the premise of helping property owners recover the compensation they are entitled to from their valid homeowner’s insurance policies. Multiple cases have been settled in and out of court by our legal team where the insurance company was caught refusing to pay a homeowner for their valid claim. 

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The goal of our webinars, hosted by Attorney John Tolley, is to help you document and report supporting evidence of property damage in a more persuasive manner.  

“Preparing your case as if it’s going to trial from the very beginning can increase your chance of winning at trial or getting a better resolution for your clients,” Attorney John Tolley said in a previous webinar. 

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Do I have a valid damage claim?

One of the primary concerns for property owners is to determine whether they have a valid property damage claim. Determining the validity of your claim requires an understanding of the damage sustained, in-depth knowledge of laws pertaining to property damage, and the ability to interpret and comprehend insurance policies. Your attorney can handle this step. 

A valid claim typically requires a few conditions to be met:

  1. The Nature of the damage needs to be in line with what is stated in your policy: Was the damage accidental, environment, or related to a weather event? For example, damages from unexpected events like hail storms are typically covered under many policies.
  2. Does your policy cover you: Does your insurance policy cover the specific type of damage your property incurred? Not all policies will cover every kind of damage. 
  3. Was your claim filed on time: Did you report the damage within the required timeframe? Insurance companies have strict deadlines for reporting damages. A late submission can jeopardize your claim’s validity.

These are just a few conditions that need to be met for your claim to be valid. During your free claim consultation, your attorney will review every variable to determine if you have a valid claim. 

What is My Claim Worth?

Establishing a potential worth for your damage claim can be done during a claim review or consultation with an attorney. Factors that can influence the claim worth include the type of damage, repair costs, depreciation values, and policy limits. For instance, tile roof damage can be expensive to fix, given the high material and labor costs associated with it, so a claim involving a tile roof will likely have a higher potential worth than a claim for a shingle roof. 

One crucial tip when determining the worth of your claim is to get independent estimates.  

Sometimes, the insurance company’s adjusters might provide you with a lower estimate than the actual repair cost. Having your own estimate helps you understand the true repair or replacement costs of restoring your property. JT Law Firm works with various professionals and can help in this step.

How can a property damage claim lawyer help me?

Having a legal professional by your side can be invaluable during the claims process.    

  • Assess validity and claim worth: Lawyers practicing in property damage can give you a clear indication of the validity and potential worth of your claim. 
  • Get you an accurate repair/replacement estimate: An experienced lawyer will have a trusted network of professionals in the industry to help get the ball rolling quickly and in the right direction. 
  • Negotiate with the insurance company: An insurance company may offer a settlement that is far below what you are entitled to, or they may even deny your valid claim. A lawyer can negotiate and fight on your behalf to help you receive a proper payout.
  • Prepare for legal proceedings: If your claim goes to court, you need an experienced attorney presenting evidence, arguing cases, and helping convince the jury the extent of your damages is covered under your policy, and the insurance company needs to honor your valid claim. 
Prepping for a property damage claim trial case

You can’t spell justice without JT. Speak with JT Law Firm today for a free claim review. 

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