Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian Claims Expected to Rise as We Enter Rainy Season.

Hurricane Ian Claims Expected to Rise as We Enter Rainy Season.

Nearly half a million Hurricane Ian damage claims were filed in Southwest Florida alone!  

179,998 Ian claims have been closed without payment, and over 100,000 claims are still open. 

Hurricane Ian victims are living with the consequences their insurance companies thrusted on them with underpayments and claim denials. 

Ian is Florida’s costliest hurricane to date, with over $112 billion in damages so far. 

More claims are expected to be filed as we move toward Florida’s rainy season. Watch for water spots and signs of water damage on your ceiling or walls. Roof damage can sometimes be difficult to locate without the use of specialized equipment. 

Homeowners usually miss out on identifying roof damage when it’s not easily visible. Wind uplift damage, for example, can be very difficult to notice.  

Hurricane Ian Claims Expected to Rise as We Enter Rainy Season.

Noticing spots like this on your ceiling usually points to some form of roof damage that needs immediate attention. 

Florida’s rainy season lasts from May to October but does vary depending on the region. During this time, showers can be an almost daily occurrence in some places, and an average of 7.8 inches of rainfall is expected during these months. If your roof has “hidden” damage, it will likely show itself during this time of year.  

Hurricane Ian struck Florida as a powerful Category 4 storm with winds of 150 mph. 

Winds of 150 mph does not include powerful gusts and tornadoes. Based on victim accounts, Ian spawned several tornadoes across the state, with a large portion in the Fort Myers area.

Hurricane Ian Claims Expected to Rise as We Enter Rainy Season.

Damage like this usually points to tornadic activity. In the Fort Myers area, there are entire neighborhoods that show signs of a tornado passing through. Some residential blocks were heavily affected by tornadoes, and finding a single home that was not damaged was difficult. 

Hurricane Ian Claims Expected to Rise as We Enter Rainy Season.

Hurricane Ian quickly rose on the list of Florida’s most powerful and costliest hurricanes. In fact, Nationwide, Ian ranks as the third most expensive hurricane in U.S. history. When a hurricane is ranked as a “costly” storm, it means the storm caused massive amounts of damage.  

Hurricane Ian victims are being underpaid and left with no option but to sue to receive the compensation they need to repair their homes. 

The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation (OIR) has been investigating complaints from policyholders regarding insurance companies failing to pay them for their valid damage claims. 

Underpayments and denials are unfortunate, but they do happen. When a claim is denied or underpaid, the legal process involved in fighting the insurance company’s decision can be lengthy. But litigation ends up being the only option left for many homeowners.  

Avoiding formal litigation is usually every party’s goal. Still, when dealing with an insurance company that fails to properly honor a valid claim, litigation may be the only method available to deliver a fair outcome for the homeowner. Litigation ends up being costly, time-consuming, and risky for every party involved – and despite what the insurance lobbyists say, not every attorney’s immediate decision is to open suit against the insurance company involved. At JT Law Firm, we are always prepared to go into litigation, but litigation is a last resort used only after every other attempt has been exhausted. However, for the cases that make it to court, our highly experienced legal team will create a powerful argument in favor of our client.  

Our formidable strength in the courtroom is why we’re the law firm other law firms hire to handle their trials. 

The Insurance company offered $0 

We’ve seen Ian claims where the estimated costs to restore the property to its pre-loss condition are well into six figures, and the insurance company ends up making a lowball offer or issues a complete claim denial. 

Hurricane Ian victims deserve to receive a proper payout for their property damage. 

We are approaching a year since Hurricane Ian struck Florida in September 2022. Yet over 100,000 claims are still open (as of March 2023). How is this an acceptable result? If you have a Hurricane Ian claim that is still open or was denied and believe you deserve to be properly compensated, schedule a complimentary discovery call with one of our experienced hurricane property damage claim lawyers today. 

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